I’m a Work in Progress


More than a year after I have accepted Christ in my heart I never thought that this would be the time that I would be able to attend the Victory Weekend. It’s an event on our church where we prepare and become determined to accept Christ fully with the Holy Spirit and be baptized as Christians embracing the new life through his grace and salvation.

I have always wanted to go to this event ever since I had accepted Christ. But I always had this reasons, fears and apprehensions. Coming from a Catholic family, my mother was greatly against it she even swore that I am not acknowledging her as my mother if I pursued what I have been doing which is attending a Christian church. This has always been my struggle and with her not knowing I still continued to pursue it. I know it’s a form of disobedience to my mother but I know that someday she will understand. I continue to pray for it that the Lord would also touch her heart and let her see the changes that have happened in my life in my relationship with the Lord. Having experienced it now has helped me lighten up my baggage because I lift and entrust it all to Him. It has been a long and fruitful day for me. A lot of revelations have been exposed in the way that I have lived my life. I am a sinful being. But during our sessions and with deeply knowing about what Christ has done for us in the cross made me realize how much he had love me, how much he had sacrificed for all my sins. How his very own father had forsaken him and let him suffer for us. Thinking about it made me feel how unworthy we all should be but that didn’t matter to God because he all took us as his adopted children. Literally as what the pastor had said “Christ died with a broken heart, as blood and water had mixed when he was punctured”. There was a medical explanation about it which I don’t exactly remember the exact details J. He told us too that everybody fall short to the glory of God. But it is not only to his death that we should remember him but also because he had risen that makes the promise of victory possible to us.

What also struck me that day was that a Christian life is not a storm free life. But it is a storm proof life. It doesn’t bring a promise of always a good life. Problems would come and the devils works would strongly tempt and see how you would continue to live up to your faith. That’s why it would never be an easy life but it would always be worth it. As long as you build strong foundations you could always make it through troubles and tribulations in its perfect time and circumstances.

A lot has happened in my life. Today I chose to repent, forgive and give my life to the Lord but I can’t say that I would be a totally changed person quickly and that I have shunned away all my wrongdoings and that I have suddenly transformed as soon as I had done it. I won’t be perfect and sinless. I cannot promise anything of that.

I am a work in progress. I had just taken the first step of admitting and surrendering everything to him. My struggles remain. Temptations and sin would come and go. Addiction and false doings would still haunt me. Problems wouldn’t cease but I know that I have a strength that comes from him alone. In his grace I know that my purpose would be known and I would understand what is happening in my life. He has already saved me and there would be nothing else that I could do but to live up according to his promise.

In my spiritual journey what I am also thankful for was I was never alone. God was with me and there are special people who were always available for me and who guided me through this path. They held accountable on my journey and I really appreciate them for that. I am forever blessed by these people.

  • Ate Faith- who first introduced me to all of these, she was my dorm neighbor who always took time to share the word of God to us.
  • Ate Joan- our victory group leader in Malate, who really treated us as sisters in Christ. She was the Ate that I never had but was always there for me.
  • Ate CJ-she is also our Ate who also took time to be with us and I really admire her faith and dedication.
  • Dianne-My ever Christian friend who was the one who took me once again to Victory. I thank her for always being there for me in encouraging my faith.
  • Rani, Tords and Edra who were also with us in our vg group who also inspires me. As well as Leane,Maryanne,Jayphee, Ate Hannah and Hoby who were my co paulinians who still continues to reach out to others.
  • AC- who has always been there with me in my spiritual journey whom I also admire with her faith and how it manifests in her life.
  • Ate Cherry- who became my victory leader here in Alabang. Even in a few times that I had been together with our group she also has become an ate to me and encouraged me and took time to have one 2 one again just so I could really push through.
  • Ate Kat- she is now my new victory leader who also accompanied me in my 2 day retreat and I am ever thankful for her dedicating some of her time for me.

I would ever be thankful of these people who constantly reminded me of my relationship with God. They took time and effort to spread the word of God and help in changing their lives. It takes a lot of love and patience to be dedicated on this ministry. But most of all I owe it in his grace. It’s because he loves me that much that he did everything for me even sacrificing his life for me.


We had our last four sessions in the morning and then we headed to My Father’s House, not my biological Father’s. It was where the water baptism occurred.

The water baptism is just an external act representing an internal faith. I was really happy to have experienced that as well with other Christians. Now that it was all done I already knew that my journey is yet to start. My life here on earth would not be in a total bliss but I know that in faith I would be able to handle it with the people I love and God’s love for me.

            This had been such a leap of faith to me. Some might not understand and accept it but it had changed my life and will continue to change it. I hope others will too in God’s grace.


I don’t have any photos :( I still haven’t got the photo from my leader.

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